The BIG QUESTION: What to Get Your Kid for Christmas?

More often than not, the holiday season can be quite the headache for parents of young school aged children. The multitude of Christmas parties and making room for out of town guests while trying to prepare holiday food leaves little time to sort through Sunday advertisements to find not only what your child wants but also what you feel they should have stuffed in their stockings Christmas morning. The video game and toy market is flooded every year with the newest and updated games as well as the latest new toys and gadgets that often are difficult for a parent to pick from as only the child knows what he or she would buy and what all the kids want.

However some gifts parents don’t want their kids to have for good reason, such as video games that will distract them or action figures that promote violence and bad behavior. The good news for parents is that there still are many gifts that in actuality are good ideas and work well in functionality in the eyes of the parent.

This holiday season one such gift idea are the LED dancing water speakers that in effect are much like a lava lamp. As you or your child listens to music, the water dances to the beat in three different LED colors. The speakers have 5 water jets and uses 100% non-toxic and perfectly harmless liquid. The LED water speakers work with iPods, mp3 players, smartphones, desktop and laptop computers, and any audio device that utilizes a standard 3.5mm auxiliary output. The 2015 version of these water speakers feature a quieter motor and have an improved build and quality. For the price tag of $20, two speakers are included, as is a standard USB cable, mini USB cable and 3.5mm cable. Water speakers might not be the perfect book or learning tool, but the speakers certainly are something your child is likely to appreciate and make good use of.

water speakers for kids

Whether your child is interested in sports and whether he or she is young or old, another gift idea worth considering is kids’ basketball hoops. Basketball hoops for kids range in size, with smaller versions costing only $30 or so while bigger size hoops run somewhere in the neighborhood of $100, depending the size and brand you opt to buy. Basketball hoops are an excellent playtime activity for kids that can help develop coordination while promoting exercise.

Most kids would enjoy the convenience of having their own basketball hoop that they and their friends can play on. Basketball hoops are also good in that they are adjustable, so if you have more than one child, all your children can share the gift. Smaller plastic versions are ideal for younger children and can be used indoors while larger versions are meant to be used outdoors and are moveable as well as adjustable.

The bigger versions you may have seen in your neighbors’ driveways or backyard areas, many of which can be raised to standard ten foot regulation level height. Basketball hoops also might not be exactly what your child wants or what you want your kids to have, but the hoops are a solid gift idea that your child very likely will have fun with while you the parent will feel comfortable with the present you give your young ones.

basketball hoop for little kids