5 Things Every Man Over 40 Should Have in His Bathroom

  • Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

Teeth-Whitening-Products-300x225Start counting the days, or rather years, you’ve been drinking coffee, tea, fruit juices, and soda, or probably smoking cigarettes and tobacco. Any stain and discoloration are not merely day-old, but have been formed over time. A teeth-whitening kit, a good toothbrush, some floss and mouthwash right in your own bathroom to effortlessly incorporate into your daily routine can do wonders!

You’ll surely smile more often with greater confidence in your sparkling teeth, which in turn makes you a lot younger and generally healthier with better oral health.

  • Grooming Essentials

grooming essentialsCaring for your face is now a must and it’s imperative that you look handsomely well-groomed at all times, though not really having to look like a cool guy for anybody. Back in your 30s, you should have already seen that ray of light where grooming is no longer a burden! You should very well know that it is something required of you, being the man that you are.

A typical personal grooming kit includes a nasal hair trimmer, toenail clipper, high-tech electric type or high-quality razor, and a nice comb, which render you time efficient. Only a few minutes in the bathroom will do once you’ve come up with a short, effective ritual with the right tools. In no time, you end up feeling fantastic and proud of yourself since you have indeed become a man!

  • A Nice Grooming Mirror

mirrorYou’ve got your complete grooming and styling kit and your tooth brushing accessories, and there’s no other way to ensure you’ve done a great job by looking in the mirror! Get yourself an intimate shaving mirror which typically has a suction cup for mounting, and have a couple of times magnification for a bigger picture of yourself.

Some mirrors are fog-resistant that’s ideal for the busy lifestyle, letting you shave while in the warm shower.

The heat helps soften your beard and opens up your pores, which allow for a closer and cleaner shave. You’re the man, and you must have a crystal clear view of your handsomeness before you attend that business meeting!

  • Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speakers

bluetooth speakersNow, before you even think that this is too techy for you, or what is this gadget doing on this list, take a second look first. This innovative bluetooth speaker is a perfect fit for both the traditional and modern gentleman. If you don’t have a shower yet, it’s time to get one or invest in a relaxing tub. Besides, by this age, you should already have that disposable income to spend for everything you had or still have on your wishlist since you were 20!

It is loud enough with an adjustable volume, which makes streaming podcasts and listening to songs coming from artists you actually recognize very convenient to do. You can also tune in to your morning radio show. No wires, no hassle, no water damage.

Some models will let you make and receive calls with its built-in microphone. Listen to some soothing music as you take a shower, brush your teeth, groom yourself, and smile to yourself as you look in the mirror happy with what you see!

  • Shampoo for Hair Growth

hair growth shampooTo complete your everyday essentials, a shampoo for hair growth must have its place in your bathroom. Some may have already learned about the harmful chemicals in certain shampoos the hard way, and are experiencing hair loss by the day, by each strand.

Concerns about thinning hair are more evident and noticeable in men over 40. You’ll never know how perfectly alright it is to have a bad hair day or a look a total mess in the morning with crazy-looking hair until they start leaving your scalp!

You also wouldn’t want hair that’s greasy, dry, and damaged that’s no better than losing hair.

Natural shampoos will eliminate this problem, and using a conditioner for hair growth works great too in keeping your hair intact, and dirt distant from your hair.

These products make your crowning glory attractively shinier, and softer for the woman’s hand in your hair.