audiencequeueThere are lots of reasons to take photographs. I take photos to help me see. To see more clearly and more deeply. I also love the complete concentration that photography leads to. Of being in the flow.

The photographs on these pages are what I saw.

They are, if you like, both about, and of, the world.

There are a few consequences of this. One is that there is very little manipulation after the fact. Another is they have not been taken with a view to being popular or commercially successful. Yet another is that I have no burning drive to convince you of anything. I’m showing them to help create a dialogue, and with the hope that they may raise a smile, create an understanding or just generally do some good, some how, some where. I also show photographs simply for the discipline it creates of actually finishing something. Silly as that sounds.

I’ve no idea why you take photos or why you have come to these pages, so it may easily be that you create heavily manipulated photos that you aim to sell or with which you wish to change the world. Great. Diversity is good. I’m happy viewing all sorts of images, but at the moment the ones I create are mostly of one kind. They are what I saw.

I’ve had a number of debates with people about landscape photography, beauty, conventionalism (sunsets etc) and intent. I understand that there are many views about such subjects, and that in any given time and place you and I might see different things. I make no claims to any superiority about one way of seeing over another. There is no message in the bottle. These things are just things that I saw.

Yes, if you look for them, you will find family snapshots on these pages too. But not any sunsets.

These pages partly exist to help me explore and understand photography. Feedback that I get suggests that other people find them useful too. I do not pretend (or intend) to be a technical advisory service, but I do answer every email that I get. Add to my knowledge, correct my mistakes, or talk about photographs and photography. Above all, don’t take anything too seriously.